Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And the Ladies? You're right not to count Venus out. She's a fan favorite, and she's got a history here. But when was the last time she went two straight weeks for a title? Last year. I wonder if she's tough enough to hang in to the quarters.

I like Justine's chances, as usual. She played well at the French and at the Hastings grass tune-up last week. And she's been in a lot of finals this year -- meaning she seen the talent in the field and has sweated through numerous rounds to get there. She's tough enough.

I think Mauresmo's a choker, and I always have. As I live and breathe, I can't believe she won the Aussie. I don't expect her to do much.

I've always like Hingis's game, and she's got more power that she did back in her earlier career -- though that's not saying much. It would certainly be a feat for her to cement her comeback here, where she won nearly a decade ago.

More later.

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