Friday, February 11, 2005

It's Not Art, It's 23 Miles of Window Treatment: Christo's "Gates" opens this morning in Central Park. I find that I haven't all that much to say about this. Yeah, I'm pretty shocked, too, but I've been sick all week, and maybe I'm just not myself.

So, bully for you, Christo. It takes a gosh-darned for-real artist to Christopher Lowell 8,000 tacked-together temporary window frames. Consider me awed by your brilliant use of grand scale to convey the smallness of your ideas.

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Razor said...

I'll be able to give a first-hand report of how wonderful the orange window shades look. My bride and I are heading up on Sunday to celebrate her b-day. Doing a show ("Avenue Q"), dinner, etc. The Cristos stuff ended up just being a coincidence to our arrival.

Plan on walking through the windows on Mon morning. If I'm able to speak by Tuesday, having recovered from Cristos' majesty, I'll let you all in on the shock and awe.