Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Argument Against Tenure, Part XXXIX: (Note my crafty allusion to the SuperBowl, which I am conscientiously avoiding talking about, given that we Eagles fans are all rather ratcheted up right now). Moving along...

This guy must have a book to sell. Why else would he draft an essay and then give talks centered around the premise that the 9/11 victims were "little Eichmans" and that the terrorists were "gallant"? Okay, he's a loony university professor, and he submits to pressure to resign as the chairman of the "Ethnic Studies" department, but only because "present political climate has rendered me a liability in terms of representing either my department, the college, or the university."

See, it's everyone else's fault! If only our "political climate" would change such that it's laudable to blame 3,000 innocent victims of the worst terrorist incident ever to take place on our soil. Damn Nazi little buggers had it coming to them! Why, all those restaurant employees, secretaries and maintenance people...trying to earn a living! Why don't they all get together on the commune and eat lotus root like every other respectable human being, and stop being the instrument of the devil? Yes, the political climate of today is just completely out-of-whack.

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