Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Housekeeping: Items of note. 1) I'm taking the supposedly retired Sullivan off the blogroll as soon as blogger is working well enough for me to screw with the template (i.e., within the next 90 days). Do I hear any objections? Democracy in action.

2) Still sick. Taking time off to recover. Going to coastal New England with my wife (that's Mrs. Enobarbus) and the offspring. I'll have the laptop, so I may be posting. Don't expect miracles.

3) Just finished the Philip Norman bio of Buddy Holly, Rave On. It is, by a country mile, the best rock and roll bio I've ever come across, particularly considering that it takes on this biggest enigma in rock history. I'd argue that more Buddy than Elvis shows up in modern rock music -- more Buddy, in fact, than anyone who wasn't directly influenced by him. That's a big thing to say about a kid who spent roughly a year and a half recording and touring, then died at 21.

4) Jarvis, who is officially the unofficial take-it-to-the-media blogger, is on a roll lately, corresponding with the rather patronizing NYT editor Bill Keller. Go see.


Eric said...

I took Sullivan off my blogroll after he announced his so-called retirement. But he just WON'T SHUT UP. As Jeff said: "more encores than Cats."

Anonymous said...

I think it's a drama queen thing.