Friday, July 16, 2004

Required Linking: Seems to me that we shouldn't miss a chance to help get this story out. It concerns a Northwest flight, a bunch of shaken passengers, and 14 Syrians with strange looking parcels, shoes, and bags making repeated trips to the bathroom.

Link via Hit & Run.

More: Welcome back to Orin Kerr, who has returned to the Volokh Conspiracy following his clerkship. He notes the story linked above and mentions that

People are thinking: Is it true, in whole or in part? Why haven't major newspapers and TV picked up on it? My guess is that the blogosphere won't let up until there are some answers, and that the pressure will yield some answers sooner rather than later.
I hope so.

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Razor said...

My god. What do you do on that kind of flight if neither the attendants nor the supposed marshalls are? Heaven forbid you accuse someone, of course, b/c then you're "profiling". If you wait until they have the bomb built, isn't that sort of pointless?

You also have to wonder, though, why these men are doing what they're doing, assuming even that they're terrorists. Like this behavior wouldn't attract major attention? I mean, why do they need 14 of them to do all this? Seems, even for them, awfully stupid.