Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Art of the Tip: Some feel that waiters and waitresses should be like referees in an NFL game: you don't know they're around unless the mess up. Others feel that a good waitron will enhance the dining experience by helping in making selections, or by giving that degree of attention that can make you feel like a big shot. Regardless of what you think they should be doing, you will no doubt voice your approval, or lack thereof, through your tip. And there's the rub.

The servers just want the biggest tip possible. I'm sure most are happy if you enjoy your dining experience, but unless they share in the profits of the establishment, all they want is the gratuity, and if that involved spitting in your soup, then guess what you're getting with your gazpacho each time? And that's the question: how can you maximize your tip?

Fortunately for waitron everywhere, there is a bona-fide proven way to automatically increase your tips by at least 10% overnight!! How much would you pay for such valuable information? $29.99? $18.99? Something-else-ending-in-$.99? Well, here at FauxPolitik, we give it out for free (Adobe required). Enjoy.

Just don't touch me while I'm eating.

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enobarbus said...

The plural of "waitron" is "waitron"? Shouldn't it be "waitri" or something?

I personally tip based entirely on looks. 20% if you're hot. More if you flirt. (Oddly, I do this for both male and female servers. Must be a latency deal.)