Wednesday, July 07, 2004

And What I Learned: This weekend I watched Razor engage, with typical Razorian wit and sarcasm, in a long conversation with Canadians regarding proper usage of the term "eh." And he made no enemies in the process.

I can think of two possible explanations:

1. Razor is more charming than I have previously realized and should go into international relations.

2. Canadians have something like a cultural battered-wife syndrome with Americans that keeps them earnestly explaining things to drunken Yanks and ignoring the condescension that they get in return, including cracks about their military, jokes about the worthless specie ("How much is that in real money?" went the refrain), and giggles about their shameful musical exports ("We send you the crap," said one Canadian fellow).

To all our Canadian readers (and we must have, golly, three or so?), it was a delightful visit. It had been years since my last visit to Frostback territory, and I am even more convinced of its charms.

Now, about this idea of paying $11.00 for cigarettes . . .

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Razor said...

We spoke to Canadians last weekend?? I do remember eating some donuts from some place with a surly counter wench, but I really have no memory of being charming last weekend (or ever).

I think Canadians want to believe the best about everyone, and as such, let caustic wit and sarcasm roll off their frostbacks and into the mounds of snow and trees that seem to lie about everywhere one looks. That and the moose.

Seriously though, it was a very nice trip, and I've learned to take the sound "eh" and make it mine. I use it all the time now, to the great annoyance of those around me.