Friday, July 16, 2004

Don't worry, flourescent orange is the new black:  So, Martha gets 5 mos. in jail, followed by two years of probation.  This is pretty much all she could have hoped for.  The absolute minimum was, I believe, 5 mos probation in addition to 5 mos. jail.  So, all we get is Martha having to call in, for an extra year-and-a-half, when she wants to fly in her own jet from corporate headquarters to one of her villas.  I mean, it will be annoying sure, but not really hamper her lifestyle. 
While I wouldn't want to spend even one second in jail, five months is really a blink of an eye, especially since she's going to minimum security, where she'll be surrounded by non-violent offenders, with whom she can share stock tips. 
The "other hand" insists on being recognized here, and for this purpose:  to remind everyone that she's going to jail for lying to the Gubernment about something that she did or did not do - which, if she did do it, wasn't a crime!  Imagine being questioned by the FBI over whether you used conditioner with your shampoo and lying about it, and the going to jail for five months.  So, when you hear cries of witch hunt by her camp, you can kind of see the point, even though you're only playing the teensiest violin you can find, as a soundtrack for your sympathy.

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