Friday, May 14, 2004

Worth Talking About: Jonah Goldberg says he'd gladly accept a Bush loss in November in exchange for victory in Iraq. On the other hand, he says, there do seem to be quite a few Democrats for whom the inverse (or is that the converse?) seems to be true: they'd rather lose in Iraq and take the White House; in fact, many of them (including their candidate) seem to think that there is a causal relationship here. I agree, but in a different direction. For them, bad news in Iraq equals Kerry victory. For me, Kerry victory means bad news in Iraq. Says Goldberg,
Now, there are plenty of prominent liberals who do see winning the war as more important than hurting Bush, which is not to say they wouldn't cheer if Bush lost. My short, but not exhaustive, list includes: Sen. Joe Lieberman, the editors of The New Republic, Christopher Hitchens, the Washington Post editorial board, Michael Ignatieff, Tom Friedman, Sen. Zell Miller, and a few others.
Worth noting that none of them is going to get the Dem nomination.

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