Thursday, May 13, 2004

Pain at the Pump: Doesn't that sound like one of those Newsweek features from the late 70s? You know, the ones that showed huge lines at gas stations, and prices that, allowing for inflation, would be about $6 per gallon. I stand by my previous dismissal of the oil price spikes. Oil has, in constant dollars, gotten ever cheaper. In fact, the price problems tend to come less from dwindling supplies, as the greens would have us believe, but from self-imposed restriction. (In other words, prices have fallen despite our best efforts to put oil supplies out of reach.)

For example, we continue to refuse drilling in the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge, with those opposed claiming that any significant production there would take a decade anyway. That's a decade we could start chipping away at right now, though. As for environmental concerns, it's hard for me to believe that an area four times the size of New Jersey can't withstand some limited exploration for oil.

It's high time to break ground in ANWR.

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