Thursday, May 13, 2004

That Big Ice Movie: Via Drudge comes this story from England, slugged "Ice age movie is realistic, says Britain's chief scientist." Now, with all the criticism of the science in the film, I could only wonder what her majesty's geek, Sir David King, might have found "realistic" about it.
"The general interaction between the scientific community and political community is interestingly well portrayed," he said . . . I think palaeoclimatologists can closely identify with the discussion.
Other than that, Sir David? It "plays fast and loose with some of the science of climate change."

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Razor said...

Far be it from me to quibble... I understand that many are freaking out over this movie because some fools are choosing to use it as some sort of political statement (like using "Jaws" to decry dumping in the ocean). However, aren't we being a tad techy on what is just another overblown sci-fi movie? I don't remember the hue and cry over movies like "Independence Day" (no way Will Smith can overact that badly in real life) or "X-Men" (Hugh Jackman can't possibly be that good looking).