Monday, November 22, 2010

What I'm listening to right now: They've been around a couple years, and have done some solid touring with Dave Matthews and others, but The Avett Brothers are just starting to get radio play here in Charlotte. Maybe it's because they're from nearby Concord, but given the national programming or radio today their single Kick Drum Heart will almost surely reach the Clear Channel affiliates nearest you.

They're exactly the kind of band that used to get lost because they don't really fit a format, but today they seem to be able to build enough of a following that they demand to be acknowledged. Reviews compare them to Townes Van Zandt and Buddy Holly...I would add Ben Folds, Nick Lowe and something like Lyle Lovett so they definitely cover some ground.

I'm hoping to see them near Charlotte soon, as I expect they'd be a lot of fun live.

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