Saturday, November 06, 2010

iTunes Version "Apple has changed a single pixel on a screen that you never use. Please download this 14 terabyte file to update your system."

My wife was on the laptop this ayem, and apparently she clicked "Install" before heading out to the gym. Sigh.

Update: I don't think that Razor was aware, but I do now have an iPod. I still have a turntable for the vinyl, naturally, but the 160 GB model holds almost all of my digital music, and damned if I don't love the convenience. The front end is a little funny, especially when you're scrolling for classical music. Bach, for example, shows up under
  • Bach
  • Bach, J.S.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • J.S. Bach
  • Jean-Sebastien Bach

And I have a two disc set of Purcell's arias that iTunes sorts by performer in a funny way: disc 1 by conductor's name, disc 2 by soloist's name. But what the hell, nothing ever works perfectly.

Anyhoo, snarkily welcome me into the 21st century, Razor!


Razor Milkshake said...

[NOTE: This comment was inexplicably placed in the post just preceding this one. Those responsible have been sacked.]Yes, you cop to joining the rest of the world by deigning to purchase (and use) a digital media device, but notice how you stay above the fray by noting how it can't organize your Bach collection to your liking. Let me guess: It lists your unabridged spoken recitation of "Paradise Lost" as "Thunder in Paradise" (

enobarbus said...

Well, I am above you. Do you expect false humility?

And Milton, on CD? Puh-leeze. Vinyl only.