Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Much Ado: Things I found interesting about last night:

1. Palin is only good at promoting Palin. Her attempts at playing the king/queen-maker failed. Her justification: well, the traditional GOP candidate would have lost too, so ... oh look, a moose!

2. Rich women don't appeal to voters. Okay, it was probably that they were Republicans in blue states, but still, McMahon and Fiorina could not buy the credibility they needed. Too bad. I know Hulk Hogan was looking forward to a tour of the Capitol.

3. Democrats are mostly clueless -- except Harry Reid, who is simply craftier then anyone gave him credit for. I'm sure Feingold, Skelton, Spratt, Boucher et al. are scratching their heads. Well, it's not that hard: don't spend your way out of a depression unless you add jobs.

4. Expect even more energy to be spent on things not getting done. The past two years we had a Democrat House and a Democrat Senate. Still, the Senate sat on over 400 bills passed by the House. Now we have a GOP House and a Democrat Senate. This helps how?

5. I missed the holograms. Were there any? I didn't see them.

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