Friday, November 05, 2010

Groove-a-licious: Check out this awesome workout and try to place its vintage. It sounds like it could be straight from the mid-60s Stax line-up, until you realize . . . it's a cover of Janet Jackson's "What Have You Done for Me Lately." Welcome to the world of The Dap-Kings, where soul grooves are created the old-fashioned way: vintage instruments, analog recording.

Some find it too precious, too stuck in the past. (Meanwhile Amy Winehouse is a tortured genius for her blatant theft of Etta James's sound and style. Oh wait, she put a hip hop beat over it, so it is totally original. My mistake.) I say you can't argue with your ass, which wants to get up and follow this groove all the way home.

Bonus: Here's a cut from their newest record.

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Razor Milkshake said...

Yes, you cop to joining the rest of the world by deigning to purchase (and use) a digital media device, but notice how you stay above the fray by noting how it can't organize your Bach collection to your liking. Let me guess: It lists your unabridged spoken recitation of "Paradise Lost" as "Thunder in Paradise" (