Thursday, July 07, 2005

There's gold in them thar desktops: So, here's a little money-making idea for you: Buy some computers, log onto the internet and create a few accounts with some MMORPG. Then, using either your own know-how, or some that you purchased, hire off-shore workers at less than a dollar/hour to run small macro programs to accumulate virtual gold and other items. Then turn around and sell that virtual gold or equipment in the real world to geeks with real money who would rather pay for that stuff (or even accounts with characters that have high levels). It's sort of like being an 18 year-old drop out who can buy the life of a 24 year-old rock star - instantly.

Think that would never work? Think again: this industry rakes in an estimated $500MM annually and it's only growing.

I am continually amazed at how money is made in our world.

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