Tuesday, July 12, 2005

9/11 Meomorial: Latest update from the "Take Back The Memorial" group, interested in preserving ground zero as a tribute to those who died on 9/11 rather than turn it into a cultural center. And by "cultural" center, I mean a stage for the left to blame America for every problem in the world. Here's a quote from LMDC chair Tom Bernstein:
"Its cultural and educational programs will make the Center a place of lively and important dialogue – a new and permanent “Public Square” on hallowed ground -- where matters of public concern will be placed in new light. Cultural and educational programming will include university-sponsored seminars and lecture series, civic conferences and workshops, films and film series, symposia relating to historical and contemporary freedom issues, and a wide range of Lower Manhattan local community events."
Lovely idea that, local community events on what is essentially a giant graveyard. And NYC could use another Tribeca Film Festival, maybe a 24/7/365 screening of Farenheit 9/11 and Motorcycle Diaries.

What other hallowed sites in America could become such "Public Squares?" Gettysburg? Perfect for "lively and important dialogue" about slavery reparations. Pearl Harbor? Let's stir up a little international understanding discussion inside the memorial to the USS Arizona. We could go on and on, at home and around the world. The Berlin Wall. Aushwitz.

I guess politics must intrude on everything today.

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