Friday, July 15, 2005

Stop the Presses!: Tiger is in the lead at the British Open, and a 65 year-old man isn't going to win it. What a world, what a world!

Imagine if OJ...okay bad example, Earl Campbell somehow made it back onto the Houston Tennessee Titans (or is it Houston Texans??)...anyway, imagine some real old ex running back suited up again to play in the NFL. Would anyone be writing anything but "The man is obviously crazy or desperate for money?" Now, granted, golf is not a sport. Look at the leader board again. Colin Montgomerie is in 2nd. John Daly at T14. The two of them look like they should be sponsored by Arbys, not a golf club manufacturer (well, Daly may in fact be sponsored by Arbys, but you get my idea). point (and I have one) is all this fuss over a man whose last meaningful round of golf was probably, what...15 years ago, is all so much blather. The friggin guy is old and decrepit. Yes, he's one of the true greats, yes he could beat me at golf using one hand and a length of copper tubing, but he doesn't belong on the Old Course at St. Andrews in the British Open. It's nice that he gets some lifetime exemption or something, but please, why not just give Michelle Wie a slot too and complete the mockery? Something about golf that it just does away with reason, and submits to sentimentality...or is it just a ruse by the Golf Channel to get ratings for Days 1 and 2 before ABC or whomever picks it up for the weekend?

And what's more...if Colin Montgomerie wins or comes in second, I will eat my tamoshanter.

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Razor said...

In honor of its heritage, I will only use vinegar and salt on my tamoshanter...