Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No wonder NYC lost: First of all, the only people who end up truly happy about hosting the Olympics are a) the corrupt government and local IOC officals who can sop up the largesse and dole out favors like Vito Corleone on meth; and b) the contractors who will get major work contracts, that are like guaranteed to be paid in full, and with no expense spared to get the job done quickly, if not necessarily correctly.

People who live in these cities appear to be excited at first, because, they feel like it's appropriate, but when reality sets in that their daily lives will be in turmoil for several years as the streets are torn up, they start to question what good all this does for them. Have fun Londoners.

Still, there's an amount of prestige and bravado that goes along with the winning bid, and it seems to me that NYC fell short of its best efforts. First of all, the best Bloomberg can do for the last minute rally is Hillary and Ali? Why not just bring out Dinkins and Bernard Goetz?? "Come to NYC, the City that is stiff, awkward and likely to stab you with a screwdriver!"

Second, if your "local" NFL team can't even figure out where to put a stadium, then what makes you think you can get like three or four major venues built in an island that is ummm, rather full-up? The only way this would have worked was to get The Donald involved, but he was too busy with the non re-design of the Twin Towers -- another joke for those who thought the City could be event-ready.

Last, in our post-911 days, the security in NYC would have been tighter than [insert laughable analogy involving virginity, stinginess or plastic surgery receipient]. And you know all about that. Ha!

Cheerio, tip-tip, and good f*cking luck.

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