Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baby, Baby, Where Did Our Love Go? Bush's question to Bobby Byrd, no doubt. (Oh, and that's former klansman Bobby Byrd, by the way.) What does our resident legal expert (har har) think of Bush's pick to replace Her Majesty the Fifth Vote in the Supremes? I have a feeling that he's going to fly this one in under the radar. Sandy Dee was, at least nominally, a Republican. It's more of a gimme. The same candidate, nominated to take J.P. Stevens's spot, would be crucified on a cross of . . . er, paper, I suppose. Who the hell knows, but my guess is that this one will be quieter than expected.

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Razor said...

Yeah, even your resident liberal legal expert (har har indeed) can't work up much vitriol over this guy.

He seems a cipher, which maybe is a good thing, but as I think Vodkapundit said earlier this week, Bush should be careful what he wishes for. Meaning, by picking someone who is unlikely to get Borked or filibustered, he faces the real possibility of replacing Sandra Day with ... Sandra Day. That would be fine with probably 75% of the country, but that core group of conservatives will probably label it a betrayal.

Our candidate for SCOTUS seems very well-polished, has a diverse body of opinions, and seems very camera-ready. Question is whether he's all shine and no apple.