Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Suckage Redefined: Via Tim Blair comes the dreadful news that someone just isn't taking the hint.
Arianna Huffington, the columnist and onetime candidate for governor of California, is about to move blogging from the realm of the anonymous individual to the realm of the celebrity collective.

She has lined up more than 250 of what she calls "the most creative minds" in the country to write a group blog that will range over topics from politics and entertainment to sports and religion . . .

Having prominent people join the blogosphere, Ms. Huffington said in an interview, "is an affirmation of its success and will only enrich and strengthen its impact on the national conversation." Among those signed up to contribute are Walter Cronkite, David Mamet, Nora Ephron, Warren Beatty, James Fallows, Vernon E. Jordan Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Diane Keaton, Norman Mailer and Mortimer B. Zuckerman.

Oh, goody. Hey, I gotta idear! Why don't you call it "Blog America"? I mean, that paradigm just knocked 'em dead in radio! But Al Franken's busy, so call in the B-team liberals. Er, C-team?

One of Tim's commenters sums it up quite well: "Most blog readers fled to blogs in relief, from these people. I don’t know if they realize that."

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