Thursday, April 28, 2005

Back from the abyss: Whooo, you don't pay attention for a few days and all of a sudden, Flyer is acting like he runs the joint. Well, good for him, a few hundred more posts and he can make up for his November - March sabattical.

Eno: love to hear a running diary on your rehearsals and the production. However, I resent you calling me "honest". I have a career to think about...come on!

Can you imagine Cronkite sitting down for the first day of blog lessons? Heaven forbid he should use Blogger - the poor man would have a stroke from the aggravation. "Okay, now, press "Publish Post" .... hmmm.....*whistling old theme to CBS News*.... "404 Error" .... that wasn't part of the tutorial. Okay, just press 'back'....what the? Mother f*cking piece of sh*t....this thing...aahhahahaghghhghgh...!"

The only bicyclists you can respect are the messengers. They neither give nor expect any courtesy and fully assume all risks of squirting between a parked car and a city bus about to take on passengers. In essence, they do not cause any real inconvenience, except for their disdain for traffic signals, which again, is a risk more likely to cause them harm than I. So, I applaud their kamikaze spirit, but will still laugh when one takes a spill.

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