Friday, April 29, 2005

Re: Purpose Driven Life: I think most of us would agree with you on that topic, Razor. As always, a P.J. line comes to mind:
If God had wanted us to spend more time in church, he'd have given us bigger butts to sit on and smaller brains to think with.
Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with attending services that feed one's spirituality and sense of community, but if all it took to have a fulfilling religious experience and endeavour to know thy God was reading a book, going to mass and saying "I believe" then it would be easy. Too easy, as you said.


enobarbus said...

Er, god gave some folks exactly that!

Razor said...

Two saving graces of these little get-togethers: 1) the Church bought the books; 2) all the hosts (we rotate houses each week) agree to serve copious amounts of alcohol. Jesus would have wanted it that way.