Wednesday, April 20, 2005

News Flash -- Pot, Kettle Both Black: I criticized Andrew Sullivan for his fair-weather commitment to his blog. Now I'll open myself up for the same criticism.

I will be performing in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar this summer, cast as Decius Brutus (one of the conspirators, naturally), and the rehearsal and performance schedule will take a bite out of my always-trenchant, on-the-spot news analysis, art criticism, and general buffoonery. Flyer's mini-comeback today leads me to hope that he might be ready to ramp up as I step back. I may be mistaken, since he still has not offered us any analysis of Tiger's recent win, his first major in three years. (For that matter, neither has Razor favored us with an insightful deconstruction of last month's DFW article from the Atlantic. He is perhaps ashamed to admit that it was, oh, how to phrase this . . . a piece of crap?)

Anyhow, as regards Sullivan, let it be known that I am offering a full refund to anyone who donated money to me for my contribution to this site. Cancelled check or Paypal receipt should suffice for evidential matter. Send by prepaid mail a photo of yourself, two dead creeping charlies, and a self addressed stamped envelope to the Tropicana Motor Hotel, Hollywood, California . . .

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