Thursday, January 20, 2005

Welcome to Philadelphia: I know I'm guilty of writing too many fluff pieces and too many arguing esoteric ideology that probably interests no one. So, I'm going to remedy that and just link to a post recalling a Sergeant's trip home from Iraq after being "in country" for a year.

What's most interesting, and what takes up a good part of the post, is his trip through the airport, security and onto the plane, and the myriad of reactions he gets from downright hostile (surprise, the TSA employees), to thankful and appreciative (coach class).

The part that got me, and which shows how much we all really have to be thankful for:

“Listen and listen carefully. What do you hear?” said the first sergeant leading a series of redeployment briefings inside an old chapel at Dix. Nothing. “Exactly. There are no mortars. No snipers. No IEDs. Just America, and we will get you home.”

As Stephen Green would say, "a must read".

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