Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Steam Wars: I like to pride myself on how infrequently I reveal my geek roots on this blog, but rather present only a strong, intelligent, manly and let's face it, wildly attractive, image. But it's true, as a teenager, I collected comic books, got heavily into D&D, and at one point, was pretty convinced I was a ninja. I eventually got over these issues, but parts of my heart have kept them just barely alive, on a sort of statis, only to be revived at certain times.

Well, this site/concept got the blood pumping a bit. The idea is an alternative reality of the late 19th and early 20th century -- if nations could have engineered these giant steam robots to conduct military operations with. Sort of like having the great ironclads on land. This site is only one of the many out there, but its creator seems to have had this concept rolling around for decades. The artwork is way cool, and he has thought out the whole history of that world ... making a very interesting tableau.

Now, whether the idea will ever see itself on the big screen or even in a graphic novel remains unknown, and given the relative lack of success seen by "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", it may only remain an un-realized idea. But still, I certainly applaud the creativity, and my inner geek is just hopping about with joy. Oh the battles I could have led...

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