Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One for Razor: Will Collier details his 2004 in memo form, dropping the bomb in Item 15, very casually, about how he met the boys from Rush this year. Now, of the the 40 items he addresses, which one do you think is getting the most feedback in the comments? Ah, Rush fans, you're a predictable, innocently geeky, wonderfully loyal lot, god love you. An Israeli and a Palestinian, at each others throats in full-blooded rage, could be made like brothers should a common acquaintance mention that they both dig Rush. 2000-year-old blood feud? F*ck it, baby. "Hey, Husseini, Schlomo and I were just talking about the big fat sound Geddy honks out of his Rick on Farewell to Kings."

I might just dust off (koff, koff) my old vinyl copy of Caress of Steel tonight and spark up a big one in your collective honor.

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Razor said...

Funny I saw that and a smile appeared right away. Considering the last thing I heard about the boys was Lifeson getting arrested along with his son for causing havoc down in Florida. "Hey, we're old and Canadian, but we can still get arrested!"

Funny how RUSH was/is the pinnacle of prog rock, has such a devoted following, yet you only hear "Spirit", "Tom Sawyer" and maybe "Subdivisions" on the radio. I need to go find my "Permanent Waves"...