Wednesday, January 05, 2005

And we can now put this to rest(?): We all know now how much pride and credit the blogosphere took for foisting Rather on his own font-petard regarding the alleged National Guard reports on Bush's service. Whole websites have been created whose only point is to make fun of Rather - which as Danny might say is "like shooting a barrel full of monkeys in a pond, on a hot summer night that makes tight underwear uncomfortable."

However, the charm of bloggers is that we're all more or less amateurs - we have day jobs that keep us in clothing and fed, while we just use the keyboard as a hobby. Some are better than others; some post more frequently (AHEM!); some are shoddy. Point being, if you're going to attack a professional journalist and his big time news organization, you should be careful to tread carefully in your glass house, lest you stub your toe of indignity against a clear pane (I can abuse metaphors like a horse drinking from a cart he was lead behind).

Here's one view on why the anti-Rather bloggers were just as guilty of rushing to judgment as Rather. Remember, "MSM" doesn't have to be a bad thing. I don't think anyone would want to rely solely on bloggers for their news, unless Top 10 lists, and bad poetry are what keeps our nation running.

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