Monday, January 17, 2005

Jesus Unavailable for Comment: Fun weekend in the NFL - all the top-seeds (but not necessarily all the favorites) won. Only one game was close, and that involved a team whose offense scored 3 points, being twice in a position to seal the deal, only to come up woefully short. Hmmm, was there something else at work? The Steelers' players seem to think so: "God gave us another chance."

But, I mean, it's just a game right? Apparently not:

"God had His hand in that game. Nobody misses field goals like that, having opportunity after opportunity to win a game. We had no chance. It wasn't even in our hands. When that happens, you thank Him and move on."

"I hate using that word miracle. Miracles are when you heal the blind and the crippled can walk, but this was the closest thing to a miracle that it gets."

I think you can more accurately chalk the win up to bad coaching decisions (kneel on 3rd down just to bleed two seconds off the clock??!) and a choke artist kicker who was thinking too hard about his 47-yard doink just minutes before.

Or is it Destiny? Eno?

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enobarbus said...

Jesus likes a good game as much as the next guy, long as the beer's cold. Here's the thing, though: Would the son of god get off on juicing playoff games? Of course not. Okay, maybe a helping on a clutch grab in the red zone, or smiting a back judge with temporary blindness (some wideouts already think this happens regularly) -- a (son of) man's gotta have some fun -- but only when the spread isn't affected.

Besides, want proof that Jesus likes football and a good chuckle? I give you the career of Todd Marinovich.