Friday, March 17, 2006

Piece o' Shit: Looks like Blogger has f*cked over our buddy Eric at Viking Pundit. I hope he can recover some of his archive of fine posts.

Blogger, you suck.

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Razor said...

Heheheh, uerrrmmmm, heheh, Eno did not mean in any way shape or form to imply that Google, which owns Blogger, is or was in any way negligent or faulty, however, in maintaining its fine investment in Blogger. No doubt, this was the fault of a hold-over Blogger employee who did not follow the excellent quality control criteria as installed by Google.

Google is a very fine company that should find no reason to data mine any of the contributors to FauxPolitik and reveal any ummmm, uhhhh, information concerning any juvenile stunts pulled by one or more said contributors in a fit of pique.