Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NFL strikes again: The No Fun League has once more decided, dangit, we're just too succesful and our players are getting too much recognition. We better find a way to take some of the entertainment out of this game. As Pat Yasinskas of the Charlotte Observer said,
That’s what happens when you ask a bunch of guys who think the collective bargaining agreement is interesting reading to determine what’s fun.
I understood cracking down on the throat slashing trend before it got out of hand and I don't want to see in your face taunting but PG-13 style celebrations should be encouraged. It's a highlight on every sports show Sunday night and has a long tradition in the game. It's fun, for god's sake.

Which reminds me, since one of the rules is no celebrations that involve getting down on the ground, don't let me catch any of the more religious minded taking a knee in the end zone and bowing their head in prayer. After all, separation of church and football is right there in the Constitution.

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