Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Small Point . . . But it has been bugging me. All the media outlets have been talking about these cartoons that depict "the prophet" Mohammed. Who says Mohammed is a prophet? Did the media convert to Islam whilst I wasn't watching? Do you suppose that cartoons lampooning Jesus would be described by the media as depicting "the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

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Razor said...

Two thoughts on that: 1) I sincerely believe part of it is that "the prophet Mohammad" is just easy and fun to say. "Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" just doesn't roll off the tongue. 2) The West doesn't take the word "prophet" too seriously -- I mean, we mock prophets -- they're the guys wandering the streets with end of days placards. I think that our media just uses it descriptively, to differentiate him from other Mohammads out there, like Atta, for one. "Lord and Savior" means something more than prophet to our ears, I think. But yeah, the MSM bends over backwards to keep those nasty muslims from burning down their press offices.