Thursday, February 09, 2006

More U2: Steve Green doesn't get them. I had always assumed that because they were sort of a straight-laced "message" band, and because they were Irish, that they went best with a good drunk. (Every band has its own recreational-chemical synergy, you realize.) Songs like "Gloria" and "I Will Follow" sure sound that way. But U2 isn't a booze band; Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree made me realize that U2 requires marijuana. Problem is, by the time I'd figured that out, Achtung Baby came along -- suddenly U2 was an Ecstasy band. I learned to like Achtung Baby, and tolerate Zooropa, but only after hearing "Zoo Station" at a rave.

And REM? Maybe Tylenol with codeine for everything up to Life's Rich Pageant, and then wine coolers.

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