Friday, February 03, 2006

Business cliches: Here's something my fellow bloggers will get a kick out of. Last week I went to the Charlotte launch of Microsoft's new version of CRM software. We are considering partnering with a company as a reseller of the service and wanted to check it out for ourselves. Microsoft has a gazillion companies who sell add-ons and custom features for CRM and they were all their hawking their wares. I got cornered by one guy and got his pitch about their product. All great. Told him to send me an email. Here's what he sent (edited to protect the guilty):
Hi (flyer),

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Microsoft CRM launch
event in Charlotte, and thanks for stopping by our table.

To remind you, our products are designed to extend the functionality and industry focus of MS-CRM. Our products enhance Core functionality, as well as Sales and Service productivity. Visit our website at *****.

I know you guys are focused on the Marketing module, so there may be some synergy to partner on deals. We have just begun live, interactive webinars for our v3 products, and our SDK which is now available. You can register now at *****.
We also have free, 15-day evaluations of our products. You can register for these at *****.

Pricing has been reduced significantly from v1.2, creating an even
faster ROI

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Thanks, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
This is like a Where's Waldo of business buzz words mixed together. If he'd just worked in "paradigm shift" he'd win the stuffed bear. Keep in mind, I probably got chatted up by a haf dozen of these guys and I can't remember what any of them do. If you're going to follow up with me, how about giving me a clue as to what you and your product do.

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