Friday, February 03, 2006

Color me baited: If only to to quell the uproar that will ensue the first time somebody at DailyKos Googles "Boehner, hookers" I'll jump into the fray. There were NO HOOKERS involved. The Congressman tips all girls $500 for lapdances and provides sugar bowls of coke in the limo as matter of course. No strings attached.
Just kidding, it was Kennedy's party; John and I mostly sat in the corner smoking Camels and drinking Wild Turkey the whole night, talking about the heady "Gang of Seven" days and how the movie deal never worked out (Santorum wouldn't sign off due to the excessivley violent vision proposed by then unknown director Quentin Tarantino - apparently it called for John Doolittle to debut the "Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique later worked into the Kill Bill 2 screenplay).
Okay, maybe not. But he did speak to my Poli Sci class at UD and he bummed a light off me which I figured made him much cooler than any other Republican dork in a suit. It's amazing how college kids brains work, eh.

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