Monday, February 06, 2006

More Proposals of Modesty:
Age, it seems, has mellowed the Rolling Stones, who agreed to have their half-time performance at Sunday's Super Bowl censored twice for lyrics deemed too sexually explicit for family viewing.

The NFL said Monday that the British rock and roll legends had been consulted about the cuts prior to their appearance . . .

In an apparent compromise, Mick Jagger actually sang the offending lyrics, but the NFL, which produced the show, switched off his mike so that they went unheard in the stadium and on the broadcast by the ABC television network.

Shades of "Let's Spend Some Time Together" perhaps? The Stones, far from being edgy bad boys, are simply still willing to suck it up for the establishment, even if it means bowdlerizing their act. I mean, do they really need the money that badly? Cause nothing says "edgy" less than toning down your act for a paycheck.

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Razor said...

What is more distressing than the Stones selling out (and let's face it, they went corporate about 20 years ago), is that the entertainment industry is apparently devoid of anyone under 50 who isn't a danger for losing parts of their clothing during a 20 minute set, or otherwise offending "middle america."

Who's next? Cream? Barry Manilow?