Thursday, December 22, 2005

This doesn't look good: Shockingly, the election in Iraq doesn't seem to have come with quite so hitchless as many had hoped.
Dozens of Sunni Arab and secular Shiite groups threatened Thursday to
boycott Iraq's new legislature if complaints about tainted voting are
not reviewed by an international body.

A joint statement issued by 35
political groups that competed in last week's elections said the Independent
Electoral Commission of Iraq, which oversaw the ballot, should be disbanded.

Interesting coverage at Iraq The Model, that includes some amusing, and troubling examples.
The results “after counting 89% of the votes in Baghdad showed that the UIA won 1,403,901 votes, the Accord Front won 451,782 while Allawi’s list won 327,174” said a spokesman of the election commission.

Lawyer Abdulwahid al-Lami is from the Lami tribe, the biggest in a province that is run by tribal relations. This candidate won 5 votes, yes 5 votes!This means
this man didn’t even get the votes of his own family…it doesn’t make sense. It
is as if the man paid 1 million dinar for each vote since the registration fee
for candidacy is 5 million dinars. Heh.-Sheikh Raheem al-Sa’idi was also running
from Maysan and he’s a local sheikh of a big tribe that has many thousands of
members in the south. This sheikh won 17 votes only!A usual sheikh is married to
at least 3 wives and has dozens of children, brothers and cousins and this one
won 17 votes only!The reason why such numbers are totally ridiculous is because
for any party or candidate to register, the commission asks them to bring 500
signatures from supporters!

Well, nobody ever said this would be easy.

I'm sure there were attempts rigging and intimidation, and some were no doubt successful. Could the effect have been enough to give the UIA a 1 million vote advantage, though? That would show some serious incompetence, largely on our part if we couldn't detect the smuggling of all that paper over the border from Iran.

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