Monday, December 12, 2005

Radley and the Maye case: The Maye case seems to have caught fire in the blogosphere. It's a good thing, too, since the case seems worthwhile of deeper investigation and it's an issue where bloggers could actually accomplish some good, as opposed to beating their heads against the brick wall of the Bush administration.

Blogger Battlepanda is keeping track of what bloggers cover the case and where they fall ideologically. Red team vs. Blue team, to see who can get the most attention for Maye. It's a well intended gimmick, as it presumes that there's no better way to get bloggers to pay attention than to make it about The Left and The Right. Maybe that's true and if it helps bring out the truth in this case, very well. But can I just say to the Great Blogosphere that it's not about you. Whatever the issue, whatever the cause, it's not about you and your petty rivalries and egos. Cover the story or don't cover it, you prove nothing by measuring reaction according to ideological lines.

I recall the same type of thing after Hurricane Katrina, questions of "Who'll raise more money, Liberal or Conservative blogs." Christ, get over yourselves.

The only thing worth noting in Battlepanda's post is at the bottom, the list of Mainstream Media outlets covering he story. A list of one.

Kudos to Radley for his dogged reporting.

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