Thursday, December 01, 2005

Common Sense: Here's a much more measured walk-through of a subject I touched on earlier this year, back when Larry Summers was getting beat up by the Crimson distaff. A taste:
In a legal environment that is no longer hostile to discrimination claims (and one where discrimination claims can still provide huge payouts) where are the legions of unhired chemical engineers suing DuPont for running a boy's club? There does not appear to be any differential between mathematically-oriented and humanities-oriented jobs in terms of the level of anti-discrimination lawsuits.
Also, his mention of Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Advantage remined me of some of the musings of this guy . . . who, by the way, is also discussing the differences between men and women.
The secret is out. It had been so well hidden that it took an act of Congress to get it known. The secret is this:

People masturbate to pornography.

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Razor said...

And I thought I was so alone...terribly alone!!