Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong: I only mention this to piss off Razor, but I haven't any interest at all in seeing this movie. I know it's film school heresy, but I didn't even like the original very much. Yes, it was quite astounding for its time. And it is a cinematic Moby Dick (in black instead of white), in which thematics are up for grabs, sort of a Rosetta stone for reading the politics of any reviewer. But three hours about an ape? Help yourself; I'll pass.


Flyer said...

I never saw the original.

Frankly, the whole "Beauty and the Beast" thing never made much sense to me. Why would a giant ape get all bent out of shape for some blonde starlet. Does she remind him of a giant banana? A banana so perfect it would be almost a shame to eat it. The platonic ideal of a banana.

Razor said...

Eno -- my strong belief is that you don't want to see the movie more out of principal against buying into the Hollywood-marketing engine that Peter Jackson embodies so effectively. My guess is that if we could fast-forward six months to a rainy May evening, we'd find you on the couch, trying to hold in your sniffles and sobs from your young son, as Kong lies on 36th street, breathing his last breath. Just a guess.

Flyer -- this may help: Kong sees the blonde as the ideal 7-iron and he's about 75 yards from the pin.