Friday, August 05, 2005

What's in a name: More from The Corner. I agree with John Podhoretz's thoughts here about renaming streets. He's opposed to a movement to rename 16th St. in D.C. after Reagan.
Renaming something so very familiar is an act of government high-handedness, as the New York City example of renaming 6th Avenue "Avenue of the Americas" demonstrates. It's been 60 years, and nobody calls it Avenue of the Americas, and nobody ever will (except for real estate reasons). I'm all for honoring Ronald Reagan, but not this way -- not in a way that would embarrass Reagan himself.

It's seems a little arbitrary, although maybe 16th St. has some Reaganesque symbolism I don't know about. I could still get behind Eno's idea to create a dollar coin with the Gipper's likeness. That would be more fitting.

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Razor said...

Soon, one hopes they just name the town "Reagan, D.C." and get it over with.

"Hey, Bob, how do I get to the Smithreagansion?"

"Easy Dave, just take Reagan Ave. till it "t's" with East Reagan, then turn right, right, and right (no lefts allowed any more). At the next Reagan Light, turn right, and get on the Reagan Expressway. As you pass the Reagan Memorial (no, the big tall one), you'll see it on your right, right, right."

"Thanks Bob! By the way, can you change this Reagan for a Reagan?"