Sunday, August 07, 2005

Crackdown: If they'd had this law in Dayton when I went to college I would have been screwed.
A new ordinance is being considered in Anderson to keep certain types of furniture off porches.The Anderson City Council is working on a new ordinance that would ban traditional indoor furniture from being kept outside on a porch.
We once moved a friend's entire living room out into the driveway, including tv, lamps, coffee tables etc. An extra full size fridge, not the mini fridge, was requisitioned and hooked up and we spent a solid 12 -15 hours pretending nothing unusual was going on. And once I had a recliner stolen from my porch while a friend was passed out in the couch next to it. Never forgave him for not waking up.

Of course, the behavior of drunken college kids shouldn't be the standard of behavior for polite society.

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