Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intelligent design: I don't think Bush is trying to push Christianity on anyone, while promoting the idea that we can expose children to more than one idea and worldview, including intelligent design. He means well

Unfortunately that's no excuse. This is just a bad idea for a federal Department of Education and it's a pretty dumb move politically. Christian conservatives can accept (I hope) that once the government starts teaching one religious idea, it pretty much has to give equal time to every other viewpoint. Unless you're in a parochial school stick to that which can be proven by scientific method and tell the little whelps to meditate if they want any answers beyond that.

Hat tip John Hawkins.

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Razor said...

By way of example, I believe that our universe was created by a tipsy celestial otter who dropped a ball of primordial ooze into our universe, thereby causing a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic cataclysm, resulting, eventually (it only took 18 days) in Earth.

This is why otters are the most revered creature on our planet. Cute little buggers...