Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What is it with Alabama?: I'll give them credit, these judges don't give up their convictions easily. I think this scenario is one of the strongest why we need a federal government to keep the states in check. If not, imagine we'd have these certain states which would become little islands of not only religious tolerance, but religious enforcement.

Schools would all teach either creationism or at least "intelligent design". Companies would get tax breaks for including prayer meetings and abiding by christian edicts. Travelers through the state would have to pay "tithe tolls". All courts would open and close with prayers, and the Ten Commandments would become enforceable laws.

Eventually secession would be necessary, and we'd have the NorthEast and the West Coast as the USA. Then we'd have the South as UCSA (United Christian States of America). Last the states in the West (but not the coast) would be for all the separatists, in which case there would be at best a loose confederation of warlords; all of whom would be well-armed. In which case the Mexicans might re-consider their traipsing over the border for work.

Anyway, I think Kevin Costner has already filmed this scenario.

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