Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In the clinch: While a Philly/P'Burgh Super Bowl would be the NFL's worst nightmare (from a marketing/ratings standpoint), it would certainly make our little blog an interesting place to be. Surely, Eno won't make the mistake once more of trifling with Destiny, but he may still be willing to tempt her a bit assuming our respective teams make the Big Game, and place a friendly wager on the outcome. Let's not put any equine before its heavily-laden cart, but keep these things in mind as the Iggles continue their march to destiny.

As an aside, the Eagles' fight song is well-known and loved around these parts, but I've always quibbled with its words. Part of it goes like this: "Fly Eagles Fly, on the road to victory..." Who flies on a road? I suppose you could interpret the two clauses (here's where Eno's training will be of some value) separately, and read it so that the first part is the directive (fly you Eagles), and then the second part is merely descriptive of the team as a whole (it's on the road to victory, generally), but I really think that is a bit tortured.

So I propose an amendment: "Fly Eagles fly, through the sky to victory." OR "Fly Eagles fly, soaring on to victory." Something like that. It really bothers me...which clearly says more about me than I'd care to admit.

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enobarbus said...

To quote Sherlock Holmes, "Done!" If this matchup comes to pass, you call the terms, baby. (As I recall, last time I had to write a groveling haiku. Perhaps we'll up it to a Petrarchan sonnet this time? A villanelle?) At any rate, I won't buy your "team of destiny" line of crap twice.