Thursday, December 09, 2004

Blog-ola: Ahem. I feel like I'm stepping onto an empty, cobwebby stage. Aside from a couple of vacations, this blog has run nonstop for two years. Now, I'll grant that we may have shot our wad a bit over the past 6 months. We did just have a presidential election, after all. But I think I see something a little deeper than that.

I think the political angle is tapped out. We don't, as a rule, write for the edification of others. That was never the aim of Fauxpolitik. This site was conceived as a discussion site where Razor and I could hash out our policy differences, as we had done via e-mail for some time. The difference? Instead of sending discreet missives, we'd have the equivalent of a front-porch argument: Anyone passing by could stop and listen for a while. (During a particularly busy time, Flyer came on to lighten the load and add some cultural diversity, but politically, he and I are not far enough apart to be be fully two voices.)

The problem is that I know where Razor stands now, and he knows the same of me. There's not much left to argue, since I'm unlikely to change his mind on any core issues. One that has come up repeatedly is the question of whether the government has a legitimate role in the personal welfare of its citizens, as opposed to simply in the "general welfare" of the republic. To oversimplify, he says yes, I say no. This is pretty much played out.

I'm not sure any of us has the time to delve into actual reportage. And, given how far we are geographically flung, parochial issues seem a little too, well, parochial. We don't share a vocation, or even an avocation. (For example, Flyer thinks golf is a sport. Razor thinks golf is tiddlywinks in funny clothes, with sticks.)

Maybe I'm just feeling tapped out, as I said, following the election. Perhaps it will pass. Perhaps not. I guess I'm wondering, where do we go from here? We could talk about books. Sounds fun, eh? Oh, and our name doesn't quite work then. Yes, I know I sound like that certain type (male or female) that we've all dated: the one constantly needing to discuss the state of the relationship. Sue me.

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