Monday, December 13, 2004

And you don't cuddle anymore either: I feel that we just needed some time off from the froth that was the election. There were too many strong feelings (if not necessarily ours, then we emoted for them), and to be frank, I was just a bit disappointed with the outcome, so I figured why not let things cool for a while. And not to be left unsaid, Blogger's technical difficulties were enough to drive any man away. How many posts did we lose in the past 45 days?

That said, I don't want to give up the ship. Just because Eno's sensibilities make Kissinger seem reasonable doesn't mean I've abandoned all hope of turning him, or at least making him admit to the inherent truth and reason of my arguments.

I've never been the greatest political polemist - Eno has me by a mile there. I'm usually more intrigued by the off-beat, the nonsensical, and the obscure (which Eno might suggest sums up my political theories quite nicely). In any event, I'm ready to head back into the breech - assuming Blogger cooperates. I've had a busy past few weeks, and but for a judge-brokered settlement on Friday, would be hip-deep into my opening arguments to a jury of pissed-off Philadelphians right now.

So, let the games begin (real games, not one where you can nearly make the top 20 money leaderboard while smoking a cigarette, Flyer). Plus, there's some really interesting stuff going on right now in the world.

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