Friday, September 22, 2006

Random Friday Links:

1. Someone likes Rush just a tad too much.

2. Weird Al, funny once more (you'll want to watch the "White and Nerdy" video not just listen...).

3. Psychology experiment gone very wrong.

4. Nigerian 419 Scam as performance art....


Flyer said...

Wow, this is all too much fun. I have a feeling Weird Al may have been writing about our Rush fan with the YYZ video. How about that. I think he's not only a Rush fan, but has a bit of a man crush on Mr. Peart. Such detail.

The psychology experiment video is too long for me to watch right now, but I'll come back to it. How could I not; that's the guy who hosted the psych videos I had to watch Freshman year of college. And I say watch in the loosest sense of the word. The eyes weren't really "open" at 8:30.

And a brilliant one man play to wrap up. Razor, you made my day.

enobarbus said...

The busy life of a lawyer: "Hey, check out the three-plus hours of online videos I watched today. At work. Billed to a client."

Reminds me of the lawyer I worked for who would dictate pleadings while surfing heavy duty porn sites. Talk about a guy who could multi-task.