Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are you ready for some prognostications?:

The NFL season kicks off on its most hallowed and storied evening, yes Thursday night...anyway, here are my picks:

1. Conference Winners and Wildcards:

NFC East: Eagles 12-4
NFC South: Carolina 10-6
NFC West: Rams 10-6
NFC North: Chicago 11-5
Wildcards: Cowboys 10-6, Seattle 9-7

AFC East: New England, 11-5
AFC South: Colts, 10-6
AFC West: Denver, 10-6
AFC North: Cincinnati, 12-4
Wildcards: Miami, 10-6, Pittsburgh 10-6

2. Superbowl match-up and winner.

Cincinnati vs. Eagles. Eagles win their first Superbowl!!!

3. Week of the first T.O. disciplinary action

Week 5 -- after he only racks up 25 catches for 2 TDs and say, 200 yards he goes on a tantrum, Bledsoe cries, and T.O. gets a 1-game suspension.

4. First coach to get fired and when?

Brian Billick, week 9, after Baltimore scores 90 pts through 8 games and the "Offensive Genius" label can be removed from Billick, and just leave him with "Offensive".

5. Reggie Bush -- boom or bust?

Minor boom. The city will love him, he'll do all the right things, but you can only expect so much behind that team's line...

6. First QB to get benched.

I'd say Kitna, but they have nothing behind him. So, let's say Phillip Rivers is a major major disappointment in San Diego, and the team has to face the fact that they made a huge mistake in letting Brees go, who is having a very good (if not great) year for the 'Aints...

7. Team to most spectacularly fail to meet consensus pre-season expectations.

Giants. Eli Manning is no regular season Peyton.

8. Team to most spectacularly exceed consensus pre-season expectations.

Rams. They have the firepower to win in that division and their team isn't so awful defensively.

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