Thursday, September 07, 2006

Picks, you can't handle the picks: Proving once again there's always room on the bandwagon for one more.

Division winners:

AFC North: Pittsburgh: Don't wake up, please don't wake up.

AFC South: Indy: Now this is the year.

AFC East: Miami: Tom who?

AFC West: Kansas City: Mediocrity triumphs (with a great running back and improved defense).

Wildcards: Cincy, New England

NFC North: Minnesota: I knowChicago is the darling today, but I just want to stab myself when I see Brian Griese's name and Minny should improve more than the others.

NFC South: Carolina: I'm a homer twice in one post! They're the easy chalk pick though.

NFC East: Dallas: That team has always thrived on controversy and this is Bill's year to deliver.

NFC West: Seattle: Cupcake division+same running back+ same QB+ something to prove=a romp through the regular season (and another post-season disappointment).

Wildcards: Philly, Tampa Bay

Super Bowl

Miami vs. Carolina: Panthers win their first Super Bowl!

First T. O. disciplinary action

Week 1 if you count The Tuna keeping him on the bench the first quarter for being a pain all summer, otherwise Week 5 when he dances on Philly's 50 yard line and gets fined for taunting.

First coach to be fired

Parcells, after the first quarter of Week 1. He's rehired by the second half, though, and tells everyone he was in the locker room "taking an Owens."

First QB benched

Aaron Brooks, as the next Jeff George era begins in Oakland.

Biggest bust

Washington: Joe Gibbs is wishing he'd stayed in NASCAR.

Biggest boom

Tampa Bay: Nobody's talking about them since Carolina's so heavily favored, but they'll be second in the division ahead of Atlanta and Chris Simms will finally prove he belongs in the NFL.

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